Police seize vehicles from ‘illegal sideshow’

More than 400 cars gathered Oct. 11 at Target parking lot


Gilroy Police have located and impounded several vehicles that were involved in a massive illegal “sideshow” incident that occurred in the Target parking lot in October.

On Oct. 11, a large, organized gathering of about 400 to 500 vehicles showed up in the store’s parking lot at 6705 Camino Arroyo, according to Gilroy Police. The gathering turned into a “sideshow,” during which many of the cars drove recklessly as they spun donuts and performed burnouts.

“This activity was very dangerous to the hundreds of people standing in the parking lot as spectators and to the many patrons of the retails stores, which were open for business,” Gilroy Police described on their Facebook page. “It is important to not that when the Gilroy Police Department becomes aware of these events, efforts are initiated to safely suppress the unlawful behavior described.”

Photos of the sideshow, posted by Gilroy Police, clearly show some of the cars involved in the events. Crowds of bystanders are seen surrounding vehicles as they spin donuts, with many onlookers recording the sideshow with their smartphones.

The Gilroy Police Department’s Anti-Crime Team has been “aggressively” investigating sideshows, the Facebook post continues. In the weeks following the Oct. 11 sideshow in the Target parking lot, investigators obtained numerous court orders—signed by a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge—to seize and impound vehicles involved in that incident. The orders allow authorities to impound the suspect vehicles for 30 days.

The police department’s Facebook post includes photos of seven different cars being seized by police and loaded onto tow trucks. The vehicles include a Chevrolet Corvette, a Ford Mustang, a BMW and a Nissan. Investigators traveled to Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties to seize the vehicles, according to police.

The owners of these vehicles, if prosecuted, will be required to pay release fees to the police department, as well as towing and impound fees for 30 days before they can retrieve their cars, police said.

Police expect to seek and acquire more seizure orders and arrest warrants as the investigation into the Oct. 11 sideshow continues. “The Anti-Crime Team will continue to investigate sideshow activities whenever they occur in the City of Gilroy,” reads the police department’s Facebook post. 


  1. I don’t support this event, But. Is this really a law enforcement case to hang your hat on? So many more serious things going on to invest taxpayer dollars on. If you’ve been robbed you know what they say: There’s really nothing we can do. Congrats on finding a bunch of idiots putting their fans in harms way.


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