Red Phone: A less than pitcher-perfect experience

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“I was at Longhouse last night. We asked for a pitcher of lemonade and a pitcher of water. It costs us $21. I would like to know why lemonade costs $15 for pitcher and $6 for a pitcher of water. I think that is ridiculous. We go there all the time to dance but we are not drinkers. I don’t know why it should cost so much for a pitcher of a drink. I’m sure it costs less for a pitcher of beer. Thank you.”
Red Phone: Dear Really, Really Thirsty, It’s hard to believe that you were charged that much for water and lemonade. Beer doesn’t even cost that much usually. We could maybe see lemonade costing $15, maybe if the lemons are imported from Brazil or somewhere. But we’ve never heard of anyone selling water in a pitcher for $6.
Longhouse, which has been a staple in Gilroy since 1976, has been lauded by visitors on, an online review site, as being a great place to enjoy a hardy meal at an affordable price while dancing to some good old-fashioned music.
While a few people complained about the food, which is to be expected on a review site, there weren’t any comments about being overcharged, especially as you were, good caller.
The restaurant doesn’t actually sell pitchers of either beer or lemonade, employees confirmed, and there are free refills for sodas. So next time you have the urge to enjoy a night out on the town, you may want to consider purchasing a single cup.


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