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Attend a funeral, contemplate your life EDITOR:

I will agree with C.R. Nalan (Do you really go by “C.R.,” or are you scared of revealing your name?), April 23, that parents should educate their children about safety – be it sex, drugs, and all the rest of society’s ills, to better be able to face such problems in the future. It is because of those who have not done so that the public schools get away with what they do (such as El Portal’s “how to fist and finger” presentation).

And yes, at least the El Portal principal procured the sense to require parental permission for their how-to sex presentation. But that is not the issue at hand; the public being forced to fund filth for minors is! There is a big difference between teaching kids – again, MINORS! – how the body works and what kinds of diseases exist – just like what kinds of drugs are out there and what damage they do – versus telling them where to get contraceptives (and abortions) without parents’ permission and, even worse, how to actually perform these acts!

The analogy to bringing in Larry Flint holds up quite well; you have to be 18 to buy or rent porn (unless you go to the public library, but that is another issue). If C.R. Nalan and the rest of the teen-sex apologists cannot see the difference here, they are demonstrating their ignorance. If they do see this, they are liars, pretending there is no difference.

We as parents and taxpayers – customers – should not have to be on constant guard for the indoctrination to which the public schools are subjecting minors. They are basically telling them, in no uncertain terms, that it is acceptable to have sex (and even worse, than homosexuality is acceptable, but that is a separate issue)! They complain about rampant disrespect and the lack of parental control, and then mock our values (and our faiths, but that is again a separate issue).

The above demonstrates the need to privatize education – to have true choice and abolish the state monopoly. As I stated before: VOTERS, REMEMBER THIS when the District asks to raise our taxes yet again this November!

Alan Viarengo, Gilroy

Submitted thursday, April 25 to [email protected]

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