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December 4, 2023

Sidewalks need repairs

It looks like the City of Gilroy isn’t as stable as we thought it was. They are now considering diverting funds to the police department from the recreation department.

That’s a good idea, since all the cameras in the police parking lot are out of order. They don’t work at all—none of them. But if the city is so stable, why divert funds at all?

To me, Mayor Roland Velasco and his State of the City remarks remain in question. Our sidewalks are the worst in the country, and we still don’t have a community center. We should have the money for both, if we really have the money.

Gilroy Gardens is still in question. Are they really making a profit? The mayor says his No. 1 priority is the safety of Gilroy people, but he also says he knows our sidewalks are dangerous—but wants our residents to pay for it themselves. It’s the city that has ruined them in the first place.

I thought the mayor’s original State of the City written remarks were in question. If we are doing so well, where’s the money? It all sounds too good to be true.

Velasco and [former mayor Don] Gage a few years ago tried to raise our taxes by using the rich and wealthy people in Gilroy to back their agenda. Why not ask the same people to help build us a new good community center, or sell Gilroy Gardens to fix up the City of Gilroy including our infrastructure—the sidewalks, parks, roads, schools, etc.—instead of bringing in a bakery business with 600 jobs our people won’t have or building more new expensive apartment buildings instead of real affordable housing?

The rich and wealthy are making a big killing in this state now—high rents, expensive food, gasoline and more. Let’s hold these political figures responsible.

Daniel Garcia

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