Soldier returns home from Afghanistan

Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew J. Gonzalez and his niece Julia.

Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew J. Gonzalez (3rd Battalion 7th Marines India Company) – a Gilroy native – returned home from Afghanistan on April 18 to the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base.
But not before visiting his hometown of Gilroy to the delight of his family, and especially his niece Julia. Gonzalez attended her USA Gymnastics show on April 21 in Gilroy.
“She was so proud to have her Marine here even if was only for a few days,” said Victoria Rayos, Gonzalez’s sister.
Gonzalez, 20, was raised in Gilroy. He attended Rod Kelley Elementary School, South Valley Middle School and graduated from Gilroy High School in 2010.
Gonzalez’s parents are Ernesto and Elizabeth Angulo, James and Kelly Gonzalez; sisters Victoria Rayos, Amie Angulo, Delia Angulo, Nicole Gonzalez, Mandy Boone; brothers James Gonzalez and Daniel Angulo.
“We are all very thankful for all the love, prayers, gifts and words of encouragement during Matthew’s deployment. He came home safe and sound,” his sister Victoria said. “He had a short leave home to recuperate and adjust, and now he’s back to work. God is great.”
Gonzalez returned to Twentynine Palms after a three-day break visiting family and friends. He is currently a team leader in his infantry.


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