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Sheesh, with all the recent rains, it’s been tough getting outside to ride. Still, every rainy day means a greener spring riding season. Until then…are you keeping your front and rear “blinky lights” flashing? When the days turn overcast, we cyclists tend to be even more invisible to oft-distracted drivers.

Though the precipitation is priceless, hopefully it will let up enough for February’s two favorite event rides: the Pedaling Paths to Independence—please refer to last month’s column—and the Almond Blossom Century. On Feb. 18, riders will pedal out of Ripon for a half or full metric century, cycling among some of the prettiest Central Valley almond blossom blooms you’ve ever seen. Organizers promise “…fully-stocked aid stations, bicycle mechanics, pre-ride continental breakfasts, and a commemorative medallion.” Proceeds benefit Music First of San Joaquin Valley, who provide music to children, seniors and the mentally handicapped throughout the area. Truly a win-win!  

Finally, last month, I asked how many of you were looking for a “New Me in ’23.” To help those of you who answered yes, here are my yearly tried and true steps for success.

1. Nothing beats a bicycle for low-impact, calorie-burning fun!

2. Whether it’s from your doctor, Weight Watchers, or wherever, please seek legitimate support. Skip the fads and false claims.

3. Find bicycling buddies. They’ll keep you honest and motivated. 

4. Pray, and please ask others to pray for you. I will; just email me.

5. Remember that you are human. Keep it real and reasonable.

Save the Dates

• Feb. 18: Almond Blossom Century, Ripon,

• Feb. 25: Pedaling Paths to Independence, Linden,

• March 4: Blossom Bike Ride, Reedley,

• April 22: Tierra Bella, Gilroy,

• April 23: Primavera Century, Fremont,

• April 29: Wildflower Century, Creston,

Curt “Cycle Guy” Hentschke is a cyclist, seeker, song farmer and scribe. Send your cycle celebrations and cerebration to [email protected].

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