St. Louise: bought or closing?

Red Phone

Dear Red Phone,
“I’m wondering what’s happening with Saint Louise Hospital being bought or closing. I can’t get anyone to respond to me at Saint Louise administration, so I called Daughters of Charity office in Los Altos Hills and left a message for Beth Nichols to call me back. At Saint Louise, they refused to give me the regional office number, so I looked it up on the Internet. So what’s going on, Saint Louise? C’mon, give us an answer. Are you going to stay or are you going? Thank you.”
Dear reader,
We forwarded your inquiry along to Director of Marketing Donna Cumming, who provided the following response:
Cumming: Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Daughters of Charity Health System’s (DCHS) decision to solicit proposals for the sale of its six hospitals, including Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy. There has been significant interest in purchasing our hospitals, and we are currently providing tours of our facilities to potential buyers. At this time, we are not at liberty to discuss any additional details of the transaction process.


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