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Dear Editor:
There are too many accidents among teenagers today.
Dear Editor:

There are too many accidents among teenagers today. This is a problem in Gilroy that is affecting many teens today and those parents that are concerned out there as well. Too many of us are at risk of getting in trouble with the law.

I think that the state of California focuses too much on how too stop teenagers from driving with friends. I think that there isn’t enough training in the first place before you receive your license. You may have to pay more for additional hours behind the wheel but that’s just the price you have to pay to be a more prepared driver for the road which will prevent accidents.

I believe that the only change that can be made, is to get the teenager behind the wheel for additional hours before receiving their license. There will most likely be a vote on this, but if the public looks at the problem rationally, they must conclude it’s the right thing to do. How can you not?

If you already know your child is driving with their friends behind your back, then parents would feel more at ease because they would be reassured that their child is a good driver.

I believe that if there is more hours behind the wheel before receiving your license these teens will be more prepared to drive the heavy traffic, stop and go, busy freeways, and know how to deal with difficult situations. Therefore, insurance expenses will be lowed to a more reasonable price.

Cindy Osaki, Gilroy

Submitted Monday, Nov. 4 to [email protected]

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