The election is months away, but if you had to vote now who would you choose to be the mayor of Gilroy?


• Perry Woodward, hands down, no question. Gilroy does not need another “old guard” good ‘ol boy. Someone capable, intelligent and independent needs to take the reins at City Hall to move Gilroy forward. Woodward brings fresh ideas to the table and will be far more effective, even with a slight change in the Council. • Woodward. • I can’t response other than “Not Decided.” Councilmen Bracco and Woodward must provide their plan and position for our city for us to make a decision. What has transpired during the past four years does not set either of these men in a position of leadership in my opinion. Whomever is to be mayor must have strong control over the city manager and staff. It is not enough to be a mayor without complete control and guidance over staff. Too often staff controls the city, not the council. Both candidates are strapped tightly to the police and its union. One through his business the other through his familial relationship, which leads me to believe they will do nothing to rid our city of binding arbitration with the police union. • Oh, I’d have to vote for Perry, but I would give Dion a job in the “Raising Alarm Department”! • If I must, OK, Dion. • Dion Bracco, he has worked long and hard, is a regular citizen with a down to earth approach. • Perry Woodward. I am not really excited about either choice but I really can’t relate to Dion Bracco – his ideas and point of view seem dated and uninspired. At least Perry seems to have some enthusiasm and energy for the job. • Dion Bracco. Aside from the inquiry into Perry Woodward’s alarm information, I think Dion has the most common sense and will work for all of Gilroy. Dion works here and knows many of the locals that have businesses and I feel he would be better at bringing the community together on issues of importance. • Dion Bracco. He has been a very involved in the community person both before and during his City Council member tenure. I have known him to care deeply about Gilroy, its senior citizens, children, families, public safety including long-term involvement in the Gilroy Gang Task Force, DARE program, Gilroy Exchange Club and youth sports. • Neither one. There is no real information about any of their qualifications, just some negative reporting about actions taken to find out things about Woodward. Really? Let’s hope some transparent and capable people step up to the plate in the coming months.


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