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Reichmuth offers clinic at Gilroy Health
amp; Fitness
GILROY – Triathlete Cristin Reichmuth is as tough as they get.

In late March, Reichmuth was doing some time trials on her bike when she took a terrible spill on mile 36 of 41 – badly bruising her left thigh and scraping up parts of her body. Gilroy’s tough gal had to pick herself up and hitch-hike home since she shredded her tires and did about $350 worth of damage to her bike.

“There’s always danger to every sport,” said Reichmuth, who had to take a break from her triathlon training to fully recover from her injuries. “It’s frustrating. It’s upset my entire season. All the other competitors are training and I’m sitting out on the sidelines.”

Not exactly.

Reichmuth – a fourth-grade teacher within the Oak Grove School District – is not one to sit around and sulk. Instead, she is offering her very own triathlon training clinic at Gilroy Health & Fitness for beginner and intermediate triathletes May 11, 18 and June 1, 15.

“I have a lot of energy and since I can’t train myself I’m going to train others,” said Reichmuth, who is sponsored by PowerBar, and Spokesman Bicycles in Santa Cruz. “It’s going to be at your own pace, whatever you can withstand. No one is left behind.”

Anyone interested in signing up for Triathlon Training with Cristin Reichmuth, should call her at 406-4112 or e-mail her at [email protected].

The registration fee for ages 12 and up is $100 ($70 for Gilroy Health & Fitness members). The enrollment is limited to the first 10 participants, because Reichmuth wants to provide the most possible hands-on training she can handle.

“I’m going to be able to spend a lot of time individually with everyone. It’s for beginners to intermediates,” said Reichmuth, who is hoping to raise funds to assist her in attending graduate school at San Francisco State University where she plans on earning a doctrine in psychology. “I want to keep the cost down so I can encourage people to experience the sport.”

Reichmuth, 28, competed in her very first triathlon in 1999. In the 500-yard swim, 12-mile bike and three-mile run, she finished fifth out of 435 participants in her age group. Since then, Reichmuth has competed in more than 20 triathlons. In her 2001 campaign, Reichmuth finished first overall for women in the Pacific Grove Triathlon (September 16); first in the Golden State Triathlon in Sacramento (August 25); and first in the Donner Triathlon in Truckee (July 15).

“This is a way for me to channel my energy,” Reichmuth said. “It’s a good release.”

For her triathlon training clinic, Reichmuth – who continues to offer swimming lessons throughout the area – will focus on every aspect of the three-event competition (swimming, biking and running).

The swimming instruction includes: swimming gear (wetsuit tips and tricks, goggles vs. masks, when is it too warm to use a wetsuit?); swimming techniques (how it differs from ocean, lakes, rivers and pools); swimming experience (things to keep in mind during a race); and swimming resources (aquatic park swims, local pools, books and masters programs.).

The biking instruction includes: bicycle gear (tools, aerobars, wheels, bento boxes, water bottles, different cages and patch kits; bicycle maintenance (how to change a tire, how to check and clean your bike before a rid e or race, what to do during a race when and if something goes wrong, what to always have with you); cycling techniques (cycling etiquette, safety and knowing the course); cycling experiences (race and ride stories, training tips and heart rate monitors); and cycling resources (weekend rides, weekday rides, cycling and maintenance books).

The running instruction includes: running gear (shoes, hats, belts, good clothing, and heart rate monitors); running experiences (bricks, should I carry water or Gatorade?); and running resources.

After each portion of Reichmuth’s triathlon training, she will spend time answering your questions by providing her expert advise. In addition, there will be a focus on transitioning from one event to the next and a part on proper nutrition.

Reichmuth – the 1996 Gilroy Garlic Queen – is already back on her own full triathlon training regiment since her bike accident. Nothing can keep her down and now she wants to share her tri-secrets with you.

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