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May 18, 2024

Thomas Andrews was tragic hero on Titanic

As the world marks the centennial of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, my own thoughts recall an ordinary object – a toothbrush salvaged from the debris field surrounding the rusting hull of the great oceanliner that found its final resting place two miles below the Atlantic’s surface.

‘Irreversible’ is ‘unwatchable, horrible’

French filmmaker Gaspar Noe, the director of the unwatchable and

Ordered to Remove that Satanic Symbol – the Peace Sign

A recent news story illustrates the dangers that ignorance and

Delo’s Divots: Keep elbows close together for proper swing plane

We have all heard golfers talk about a

Several things could cause cat’s bloody eye

Our older cat, Futz, came home with a bloody eye. When I looked

‘La Bamba’ tells the story of family

Whenever I watch the opening credits of the 1987 movie

Growing garlic

When out-of-town visitors see my garden for the first time, one question that almost always arises is, "Where's the garlic?" After all, with the smell of the pungent bulb usually in the air around the South Valley, it should be a prerequisite that we grow our own garlic. And now, with the Gilroy Garlic Festival time next week, it's the perfect time to think about getting started.

Getting Out: New Idria is full of lore

Many of my favorite adventures began on the sofa with a map. I see a vast blank region crossed by a single lonely road and wonder: “What the heck is out there?” One day, the lure is too great to resist and I go. The experience is always so much more than just another Sunday drive.

VTA makes commuter changes

Valley Transit Authority was set to implement scheduled changes across its entire light rail and bus system on Dec. 28, posing new headaches for many South Bay commuters and new solutions for others. As a way to make the changes more palatable and introduce new...

Bert Mar Invitational returns to CHS

After two years away, the annual Bert Mar Invitational will return home to Christopher High on Saturday. The wrestling tournament—now in its 10th year—was held at Independence High the last two years. The tournament is named after Bert Mar, the former South Valley Middle...