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May 17, 2024

Out of shape for shopping

Over the weekend a tragedy befell our family, one which we

San Benito County residents told to avoid brand of cilantro

The San Benito County Public Health Services Department has

St. Louise Hospital’s new director focuses on tech

St. Louise Regional Hospital’s new chief medical officer wants to see the 93-bed medical center grow, incorporate cutting edge technologies and focus on the newest cancer treatments. Dr. Arthur Douville takes over the helm of the South Valley’s hospital, as well as San Jose’s O’Connor...

Boxing: Gilroy’s Guerrero preps for Martinez

AROMAS—Over the last few years, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero has lived up to his nickname, but not in the sense that he’d like. While he’s maintained his boxing spirit, Guerrero has been more like an apparition with his appearances in the ring being few and far between.

Indian casino? How about an Indian Motorcycle plant?

If you've read this column for the last three weeks, you know

Spartans have the spotlight tonight

The biggest advertisement in the San Jose Mercury News sports

Cooking the World’s Largest Cabbage

For the last year or so I have been opening my mind to new possibilities. Yes, I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which has introduced me to many veggies I have never seen before, let alone cooked. That’s why my family now eats stuff like parsnips and fennel, two veggies we’d never heard of, let alone eaten. They are delicious, by the way. (Well the fennel I still have issues with; I mean it smells like licorice but isn’t candy. Isn’t that false advertising?)

Financial gifts for longtime Valentines

Love is in the air this week, as Valentine’s Day rolls around again. During the course of your life, you’ve probably sent your share of flowers and candy. But if your valentine is also your spouse – and, in particular, your longtime spouse – you may want to go beyond roses and chocolates this year to give a gift that can help lead to financial security.

Wheels go round for best bus driver in town

On any given school day, Morgan Hill students get chauffeured by

Annual Cleaning of the Car produces many treasures

Welcome to 2014. To celebrate the New Year, I decided to do my annual Cleaning of the Car. OK, it's not really annual, because it's happened once in eight years. So it's like octo-annual. Yeah. So, you know, it wasn't always like this. I once drove a nice car. It wasn't mommy-like at all. I kept it clean and shiny and French-fry free. It didn't smell like feet. It didn't have mud stained carpet or dog slobbered windows.