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February 25, 2021


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Lack of Youth Services Leads to Graffiti?

As brief as I can, this is in regard to the lack of services for

Scarier than a pass rush

Jeff Garcia and his wife, Carmella, will be having their first

MLB: Slimmer Sandoval shines at third for Giants

None of it would have happened last season

An explanation of ‘weak two-bids’

Originally, Charles Goren looked at a special class of hands holding seven cards in one suit, but lacking enough high card points (HCP) to open. Goren saw that this length was often wasted as discards. He also recognized that, as a trump suit, this length could be powerful in play. Since Goren used the entire two-level to indicate strong hands, he devised the pre-emptive three-level bid to show solid length in one suit even when lacking enough HCPs to open.

New technology and parents don’t always mix well

My parents just got new iPads. Now before you wonder why I’m telling you this, let me just say one thing. My parents are no technological wizards – but they aren’t afflicted with a disease I like to call we-think-we’re-technological-whiz-kids-but-really-we-don’t-know-a-thing-about-technology-and-can-barely-use-the-TV-remote.

Scents of Flowers Meld with Aromas of Wines for Sensory Wonderland

I was chatting with an acquaintance the other day, someone who

County Probation to Spend $3.2 Million

Money will be used to improve programs and security at two

Teraji: Secret cultural event of the season

What if they gave a free concert series and no one came? Well, not no one, but not as many as we would have hoped would come out in enthusiastic support of such an excellent showcase of South Valley talent. 

Fast friends for a lifetime

I’ve never had so much fun in my life before I moved to Gilroy, seven years ago. I used to live in San Jose—where neighbors were cordial but where we all stayed to ourselves. On the weekends my husband and I either entertained close friends at our home or visited these same friends at their homes across town. My life revolved around my job and family life (all good things) without any interaction with my community. I often felt like City government and issues were miles away from me and that I was just an onlooker in my community.