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June 21, 2024

A house on the water

Sleeping beneath the stars, fishing from the deck and taking a

There is something so fine about Memorial Day

I was a lucky kid; I grew up in “Small Town America” during the 1950s. And although my Colorado hometown wasn’t “small” by most standards (roughly 100,000 people), it felt that way because we were encapsulated within our close-knit neighborhoods.

Scrapbook 3.4


WEAVER: Timeout for a couple of shout-outs

We are three weeks into the fall prep sports season and it's

Learning from time spent in Mom’s kitchen

When I was growing up, our family sat down to the dinner table for a feast of Mom’s cooking nearly every night. My brother and I may have sought out our softie father anytime punishment was required, but Mom was the go-to for a homemade meal or treat.

BOXING: Randy Guerrero’s pro debut ends in majority draw

OAKLAND - Sitting in the dressing room in the cavernous underbelly of Oracle Arena, Gilroy's Randy Guerrero thought his turn was next on four or five different occasions. As if all the weeks of training and preparation weren't tough enough, the task of shouldering the anticipation that thickened with each passing hour, would stir any professional into a frenzy.

Other festivals in America go to extremes

Now that the 30th Gilroy Garlic Festival is over, I'd like to

Three simple steps to help solve the feral cat problem

For the last several weeks, I've been aware that a cat gave

‘Les Miserables’ a glorious, fast moving production

Broadway By The Bay has brought Cameron Mackintosh's "Les Miserables” to the Fox Theatre in Redwood City with a stunning production and a first class company with a Broadway caliber production.

How can senior women improve retirement outlook?

If you are a senior woman, you need to be diligent in managing your financial resources to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.