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February 25, 2021

With three candidates officially in the mayor’s race, who is your choice to lead Gilroy?

• Don Gage … hands down. Don has the experience in both city and county government seats and has always put “Gilroy first.” • Dion Bracco. I gave him my word months ago. What good is my word if I don’t keep it? • Don Gage. Don is very collaborative, considerate and open-minded. He has strong ties at the county level and will ensure Gilroy receives our fair share of resources and representation. I also feel Don Gage considers the good of the entire community. The other candidates seem to be myopic in who they represent, creating a very divisive atmosphere. • Dion Bracco. Although I wish he would have been more transparent with his past, I do believe he is the best person for the job. His heart and soul are for Gilroy and I support him. • My choice would be Don Gage. He has the demonstrated experience and the “ability” to get things done. Pretty clear choice in my opinion. • Based on his logic, leadership, personality, experience, track record, I will vote for Don Gage. • Don Gage. Mr. Gage is a tried and true leader with a vast amount of experience and contacts within Gilroy, Santa Clara County, Bay Area and Sacramento. Mr Gage has demonstrated his leadership in past roles and Gilroy Council member, Gilroy mayor, county commissioner, and most recently Santa Clara Valley Water District. His skills and management style will benefit Gilroy for the next four years. • Undecided. We could use fresh and new faces in our local government going forward. • I choose Don Gage. I feel with his past experience and connections he will be a valuable asset for our community. • Don Gage. His record, like the record of his opponents, speaks for itself. Don’s record is why I support him. • Gage is a proven leader, an integral part of our community who can unite our divided City Council and inspire them to act in our best interests. 

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