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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Thumbs Down for Bike Track
Get our traffic priorities straight
Bite the Bullet Train
I read with both amusement and horror that The Donald is going to continue to run his businesses and TV shows like "Celebrity Apprentice" while he is president. And Trump is disinterested in to get his daily national security briefings. I guess no one told Donald Trump that being President of the United States is a full time job?
Don’t be taken in by the ads that say “save our children,” or “our children deserve more.”Gilroy Unified School District is asking for another 30-year bond that will cost $323 million.Don’t you remember approving a 30-year bond just eight years ago for $150 million, which is double that when paid out with interest? And, in 2002, voters approved a $69 million bond to “construct and renovate.” You are still paying for these!Do you want to approve a $170 million bond for the next 30 years? Measure E will also allow the district to exceed the 2.5 percent statutory limit of total assessed value of taxable property in a district.Once again, they say it is not for salary increases, but read the fine print. Independent citizens oversight means nothing once the money is spent. Stand up against GUSD administration this time and force them to spend the money received from an increase in our property taxes diligently and appropriately.Read this article from California Policy Center (http://bit.ly/1RnYtuD) about school bonds before making a decision.Vote NO on Measure E!Susan MisterGilroy   
School falling down
It was disappointing to see the article attempting to humanize the spokesperson who is being paid to sell Gilroy residents on a housing project to which we have publicly voiced our opposition. That said, what was most concerning—and left me scratching my head—were her comments specific to the proposal.
The major streets of Gilroy are turning into a third-world grid of potholes, gullies and fissures that continues to get worse after every storm, and it appears NOBODY in city government is not only not doing anything about it, but apparently does not care. Why is our City Council not doing anything about it? It seems to me the Dispatch could make a lot of Gilroy residents very happy to spearhead an effort to find out WHY the streets have been so neglected (besides the age-old excuses of ‘no money’) and WHY our local government refuses to keep us posted on their plans to fix it. How about an editorial addressing this problem?
Is the “quality of life” for Gilroy small businesses such that small business owners should invest more money here? Or do the confiscatory taxes/fees/fines/assessments/mandates combined with crucifying, strangling and suffocating regulations and ordinances, blight us out of business,