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I awoke Sunday morning in Gilroy to the glowing, rose-colored sun (unfortunately from fires burning to the north), varying sounds of chimes blowing in the wind, happily chirping birds sitting in swaying trees and the rumbling vibrations of generators providing electricity—because as of 9pm Saturday, we lost power and water, since our well cannot pump without electricity.


I headed to church, being filled with the spirit of Jesus, “the light of the world,” whom on this day is my only light. Then I got my first cup of coffee and checked my phone for any messages that needed attention.


Then out to get a hot meal, because we will be eating “rations” today as our home is all-electric. I picked up gas to run the generator trying to preserve what’s in the fridge and walked the dog, who had no idea of the inconveniences we faced.


So what does one do without electricity when we are so conditioned to get on the computer, shop online, watch sports or real/“fake” news? Well, my day was spent sitting in the sunshine for warmth, checking on others, talking with hubby and family back East, writing letters to our deployed soldiers and reading. Playing with and loving our Lab (you may prefer doing this with your children and/or grandchildren) was healing for both of us, but the time I spent in The Word, catching up on Bible study chapters, singing a daily psalm and sitting silently to “listen” to God was my salvation.


I can only pray when the power and “normal” life returns, hopefully soon, since we’re heading into the 12th hour, I will remember these special serene, contented hours when my day was truly simple, and know that yes, God is the true “I am”, the bread of life, the light of the world and is with me always: His lovingkindness is everlasting.


Susan Mister

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