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July 12, 2024

Tag: editorial

Editorial: The March Toward Darkness

In a shocking sneak attack on the public’s right to know, the City of Gilroy began the march towards conducting its business in the...

Editorial: Rebeca should resign

City Councilmember Rebeca Armendariz should stand down from public office and save Gilroy citizens the expense and trauma of a recall election. An independent investigation...

Analysis: Sheriffs, Guns & Money

As a young journalist, I was invited to a meeting with Sheriff Bob Winter at an insurance office. At one point, one of the...

Editorial: These booms aren’t worth celebrating

For years, Gilroyans have been bombarded with the near-nightly sounds of explosive devices being ignited. Naturally, many go to social media to complain and share...

Editorial: What ails our society?

The May 26 mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority’s light rail facility in San Jose has destroyed many families and rocked the county,...

Editorial: The garlic is back

At last, the Gilroy Garlic Festival will have air conditioning. No more baking in the mid-summer heat at Christmas Hill Park, where the temperature on...