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July 12, 2020

Tag: golf equipment

GOLF TIPS: Give yourself some room around water

Many golfers try to do the right thing by hitting a shot short of a water hazard instead of trying a high-risk shot over the water toward the green.

GOLF TIPS: Chipping and putting influence each other

The best one-two punch in golf is good chipping and putting. But many times, poor chipping puts too much pressure on your putting so if you Improve your putting, you can relive the pressure of chip shots. A chip swing is an exaggerated putting stroke, so practicing one shot will help the other.

GOLF TIPS: Find your right stage to improve

There are three stages to developing your golf game and shot-making abilities. The three stages are when you wish you could hit a shot or shoot a certain score, believing you can hit that shot or score and knowing you can hit that shot or score.

GOLF TIPS: The head changes a golfing stroke

This is an old tip that someone reminded me of several weeks ago. Many golfers tilt and turn their heads while at the address position. This is an issue because golfers tend to start their back swing in the same direction their heads are tilted.