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June 25, 2024

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Turn the wheels of justice

It’s been a year since Antolin Garcia Torres, 22 of Morgan Hill, was arrested and charged with the kidnap and murder of 15-year-old Sierra LaMar.

Toddler death a ‘horrible mistake’

The father of the 3-year-old Gilroy boy who accidentally shot and killed himself on July 5 will not be prosecuted, according to a report by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office which called the shooting a “horrible, irreversible mistake.”

Staring at murder; Garcia Torres officially charged

Antolin Garcia Torres, 21 of Morgan Hill, was charged Thursday with murdering Sierra LaMar, 15, who has been missing since March 16.

MACSA leader did all she could to ‘keep things afloat’

The former CEO of the Mexican American Community Services Agency who is accused of skimming money from employees’ retirement savings will argue she was doing “everything she could to keep things afloat” while working for the nonprofit organization which once ran a charter school in Gilroy.