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July 21, 2024

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Council looks to fill vacated seat

The Gilroy City Council voted unanimously to appoint a new council person to replace Paul Kloecker, who died last month.  People who want the...

2017: beyond fire and floods

A mess, the rains down in South Valley Rains of biblical fury descended on Gilroy in January, dumping close to two inches of rainwater on...

Endorsement: Velasco for Mayor

Roland Velasco has been on the right side of campaign finance, economic development funding and sensible, balanced development; Woodward has been on the wrong end of all three.

Mayor Don Gage Resigns, as of Dec. 31

Mayor Don Gage shocked a packed city council chambers Monday evening by resigning his office at the beginning of the meeting.

So, the bleachers at the stadium at Gilroy High are still...

Drives me crazy to hear something like I did this morning – that the stands for the fans are uninhabitable at Gilroy High’s Garcia-Elder Stadium – this, just before the start of football season for GHS, Christopher High and Gavilan College. This, after the school district had to move graduation ceremonies – those are in June by the way – because of these same “unsafe” bleachers. What got done in between? This is yet another example of why I strongly believe that school district’s need to hire an on-staff project management director that has a background in construction – someone who can tell b.s. from reality and can come up with solutions. The person would be independent from, but wori with the facilities manager who is in charge of maintaining and operating facilities. What school districts need to do is: 1. Form an advisory facility committee composed of members from the business and construction world; 2. Hire a staff administrative-level project construction management person to oversee all facilities projects. That person would negotiate contracts and have, as clients, the taxpayers and the school district. If districts would make those changes, a lot of money would be saved and a lot of battles avoided. And, really, when you’re talking about spending millions of dollars in bond money and getting the best bang for the buck, doesn’t it make perfect sense?

Moving the pile on vacant downtown buildings

It’s working. The owners of the long-vacant unreinforced masonry buildings downtown are coming to City Hall for the proverbial “come to Jesus” meeting with city staff.

Seeking solutions so our up-and-coming wineries keep the ‘mojo’ going

So, spring Passport Weekend for our wonderful, visitor attracting wineries is a comin’ fast on March 23 and 24 and a spat has broken out. Hopefully, Sycamore Creek will change direction and participate in the weekend and, hopefully, the winery owners will get together to seek solutions to the challenges of parking and rowdy wine drinkers who overindulge. Toward that end, perhaps the winery owners could consider hiring shuttle buses – a few for the Gilroy area and a few, likewise, for Morgan Hil. The buses could ferry passengers on a loop route between wineries during the weekend. A main parking lot would have to be identified and promoted – Dhruv Khanna’s paved soccer field parking lot at Kirigin Cellars could work, for example – and that could minimize some of the challenges. If the winery owners are smart, they’ll do what they can to solve the problems themselves and collectively keep intact the momentum of Passport Weekend and the growing reputation for fun events, good wine and hospitable staffs that the area wineries have built.

‘Vision 2028’ – plan for prosperity

The city council has carved out a vision for Gilroy’s next 15 years and, after its annual two-day strategic planning session, there’s a blueprint that outlines the steps needed to establish Gilroy as one of the most desirable destinations in the country.

Gilroyans get into local government

Calling it the “best turnout they've seen in years,” City Council members were delighted with the sheer number of applicants who showed up eager to serve on City committees during the regular meeting Monday.