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May 18, 2024

Tag: opinion

Letter: Eager to support LAFCO policies

Thank you to the Cities Selection Committee (Mayors of Santa Clara County), and I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for the Cities...

Letter to the editor: Let common sense prevail

Recently the hot topic in the news is the deficit reduction debate. The debate tries to link Social Security to the federal deficit. Social...

Letter: College enrollment is on the rise after pandemic

Community colleges have in the past been considered a great opportunity to many, even those who come from the first generation. At the end...

Letter: Prayers for Ukraine

The Interfaith Clergy Alliance of South County expresses our pride in the community for the recent Peace Rally on behalf of Ukraine. It speaks...

Letter: Inaction on transportation problems is deadly

Whenever I read about another fatal crossover collision I remember giving the eulogy for Morgan Hill’s Janet Graham at her church. The San Benito...

Letter: Thanks for keeping horses safe

It is more than heartening what two organizations did for total strangers. It is something with which we would like to associate individuals.

Guest view: Time to remove police from schools

There comes a time when each of us comes to terms with aspects of life that can change our views and challenge long held beliefs. For me it is the present issue of police in schools (school resource officers).

Garlic Festival Shooting EDITORIAL: Reclaim our public spaces

We have read about the horrific incidents around the country for years now. Locations like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas Strip...