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December 6, 2023

Caltrain seeks input on Gilroy schedule

Caltrain is evaluating service changes between Gilroy and Tamien Stations and is looking for feedback about the train’s current schedule.

Caltrain’s current schedule includes three daily roundtrips that depart Gilroy at 5:54am, 6:31am and 6:52am. The trains arrive back in Gilroy at 5:21pm, 6:42pm and 7:19pm. 

Caltrain is considering adjusting the departure and arrival times and adding a fourth daily roundtrip.

The public is invited to give feedback on the train schedule and list preferred times for a new fourth daily roundtrip by taking the survey at caltrain.com/southcountysurvey.

The survey is scheduled to close on June 25.

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Staff Report
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  1. I would take the train, if you had reasonable late morning or afternoon trips. This has been a big problem, I think.

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  2. Hmmm. The existence of the survey appeared in the paper on June 21st . The survey closed on June 25th; four days later. When there is a short response time like that published, it shows a half-hearted interest in getting public input.

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