gilroy pharmacy office complex west sixth princevalle street
An office complex at the corner of West Sixth and Princevalle streets will be demolished and replaced with single-family homes. Photo: Erik Chalhoub

The Gilroy City Council approved a single-family housing project at the intersection of West Sixth and Princevalle streets on Aug. 1, with the condition that the developer work to address neighbors’ concerns.

Warmington Residential proposed 19 two-story single-family homes on a 3.69-acre site, with a new cul-de-sac private roadway from West Sixth Street.

The property is currently home to a medical office complex, which would be demolished to make way for the project.

Some neighbors who live on the adjacent Georgetown Place said they were concerned about public access to a path that leads into the development from Princevalle Street, and suggested a gate be installed. 

Warmington Residential Director of Community Development Adam Petersen said the addition of a gate would be a “design issue,” and mentioned it would be inconsistent with the development because it is not a gated community. Such a gate would also be located right next to one of the home’s yards, which might make it undesirable for the new homeowner, he added.

Georgetown Place resident Christel Morley also suggested painting the curb on Princevalle Street and Georgetown red to prevent vehicle parking. She said it is currently a safety hazard for vehicles trying to exit onto Princevalle Street, which could be made worse with the new development.

Councilmember Rebeca Armendariz said she felt the neighbors’ requests were “very reasonable and not too costly,” and added the developer should work “in good faith” to help address the concerns.

Councilmember Dion Bracco made a motion to approve the project, but added that the developer must work with city staff to install a gate and more trees along the property for privacy. Public works staff will also evaluate a red curb on Princevalle Street as part of the condition.

The vote was unanimous in approval.

Earlier in the meeting, the council also approved a four-unit townhome development on Gurries Drive.

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Erik Chalhoub joined Weeklys as an editor in 2019. Prior to his current position, Chalhoub worked at The Pajaronian in Watsonville for seven years, serving as managing editor from 2014-2019.


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