Dear Editor,
In response to a recent article bashing liberals, I would like
to respond so that I may verify a few flaws in their argument.
Difference Between a Rich Liberal and a Wealthy Conservative, Simple: Greed

Dear Editor,

In response to a recent article bashing liberals, I would like to respond so that I may verify a few flaws in their argument. During the Second World War, it was the Republicans, not the Democrats, who did not want to support England against Nazi-Germany. I am no history major but I believe that the legislation passed was called: “The Neutrality Acts”, which prevented U.S. support for England. So when it came to a war that was actually NECESSARY, it was the Republicans, not the Democrats who were fans of the “cut and run!”

What I do not understand is why people are so disappointed about the mid-term election, when they should be relieved. It is hard to imagine how things could get any worse than they already are. At least with some balance of power in the federal government, we can at least hope that the corruption and lies that have been going on since 2001 will at least be mitigated.

Anti-death penalty? Of course I am, but why do so many people think that I am pro-abortion? I am not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice. I do not think that an abortion is a good idea. But I also believe that I do not have the right or business to tell a woman what to do about her most personal issues. And if you wonder why some liberals are anti-death penalty, it is pretty simple. Society can solve more cases when we can interrogate those incarcerated. There is also the fact that many people have been executed, only later to be found innocent. I do not know about you, but that fact alone scares the heck out of me.

Last but not least, is the money issue. I am definitely of a fan of getting rich. I also know that there are a lot of rich liberals. The difference between the two is quite clear: “GREED!” I think that Daniel Garcia forgot to make that little distinction. I just finished a great book; it is called “Blinded By The Right”, by David Brock. I suggest that everyone who is a fan of politics give it a look.

Kevin Moyles, SJSU Student

American Public Transit a Black Hole of Failure

Dear Editor,

Regarding the “BART Drain: Pour It Down'” Dispatch opinion, any form of transport that is conceived insolvent, born bankrupt, operated with unremunerative fares failed from inception. It won’t fail. Like all the other socialist transit modes, e.g., Amtrak, Caltrain, Lite Rail, transit in the socialist model, the Marxist-Leninist philosophy, it was, and is, a Frankenstein that never should have been inflicted upon us.

Free-enterprise transport has its flaws, but all of them combined never have, and never will, equal the damage inflicted by the Soviet-style systems we inaccurately call “American” public transit. In my mind, nothing could be more un-American than democratic government imposing the Iron Fist of Karl Marx in place of the Invisible Hand of Adam Smith.

Joe Thompson, Gilroy

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