I want to express my deep dissatisfaction with Gilroy Public Library for not adequately celebrating Black History Month. There were no indications outside this public library, the entrance or the hallways about Black History Month. My 11-year-old daughter and I walked inside past the circulation desk, still no celebration or honor for African-Americans’ contributions to America. However, if you continue half down the hallway and look to your far right, past the book shelf, there it is: a small table of elementary books on Black History Month.

It’s obvious to us that there was no vision or preparation. Random books were just assembled on this table, no decorations or banners to give the impression of gratitude to African-Americans’ contributions.

(By the way, I’ve noticed the Performance Arts building signage about Black History Month.)

Is this a true representation of what the City of Gilroy thinks about African Americans?

Maryse and Mila Rigaud

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