Group files petition for charter school

Engaged students answer questions from the teacher during class at Gilroy Prep.

A Gilroy-based charter school that this week has been touting its high API scores submitted a petition to open a similar school in Hollister for the 2013-14 school year. Gilroy Charter School Principal James Dent and another representative presented the petition during the public comment period at the Hollister School District board meeting Aug. 28.

At the same meeting, the school trustees approved a contract with School Services of California, Inc., a consultant, to review the financial portion of the charter school petition. The contract was approved 5-0 at $200 per hour not to exceed $5,000, plus expenses.

The consultant will review the budget documentation provided by Gilroy Prep School on the following items:

  • Review of the projected enrollment and average daily attendance for reasonableness
  • Review of the petition for compliance with the three prohibitions cited in Education Code Section 47605(e), Education Code Section 47605(f) and Education Code Section 47602(b).
  • Review of the operational and budgetary issues in the petition as it relates to the financial impact
  • Identify and report any other issues/findings, which deem to be important to a potential sponsoring district

Look back next week for more on the petition.


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