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Regarding the possible expansion of passenger/commuter rail to Hollister and Salinas, I do feel the time has come.

Upgrading the historic Hollister Branch rail line for makes sense. Considering the heavy traffic on highways 101 and25 it is warranted.

In my opinion, the perfect train set equipment to use is called a Diesel Multiple Unit. Low-emission DMUs are currently in use by SMART (Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit) between San Rafael & Santa Rosa. SMART has enjoyed overwhelming success attracting riders and reducing traffic on this corridor. Also, expanding the current Caltrain from Gilroy is also very viable and may be the least costly alternative.

For those commuters frustrated with long drive times to and from Siilcon Valley, I urge them to contact their government representatives to support and lobby for increased rail service to our area.

Gary V. Plomp

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