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After reading all of the letters to the editor in the past few months regarding Measure D, I can’t believe that the school district needs to spend $25,000 hiring a consultant.

The issues seem pretty clear:

1. We need a new high school now, not in 25 years.

2. The school board needs to prove that they will listen to their voters when important changes are being made that effect real people and real families. These are the people who will vote in favor of or against a school bond. People need to feel that their concerns are important and given serious consideration.

3. The school district needs to show that they have a long-term maintenance plan which will keep our schools in excellent condition after the improvements have been made and paid for by the voters.

People who voted “no” didn’t necessarily disagree with a new tax, they want a bond that really meets the district’s needs for both students and facilities.

It’s hard to understand why the district would even consider spending this much money for a consultant when significant cuts are being made to programs and staff that directly affect students in the classroom next year.

Stephanie Chisolm, Gilroy

Submitted Thursday, April 25 to [email protected]

The Golden Quill is awarded periodically for a well-written letter.

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