KlaasKids will fingerprint, photograph kids at search center

Steve and Marlene LaMar, parents of missing teen Sierra LaMar, announce the increase of the reward for their daughter's safe return to $25,000, with Marc Klaas of the KlaasKids Foundation behind them. 

The volunteer searches for Sierra LaMar scheduled for Saturday will feature a special child identification program.

The KlaasKids will conduct the program at the Sierra Search Center at Burnett Elementary, 85 Tilton Ave., for all children who show up between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Since 1994, the foundation has fingerprinted and photographed more than 1 million children at no cost to families and without including private and personal information in public databases, according to a press release from the KlaasKids Foundation. Each child who participates Saturday will receive a free DNA collection kit, the press release said.

And efforts to search for Sierra, the missing 15-year-old Morgan Hill resident, or any evidence of her whereabouts will be open to anyone age 18 and older Saturday and Wednesday, July 18. Anyone interested in searching can show up at the school between 8 and 10 a.m.

Sierra has been missing since March 16. Authorities think she was kidnapped.

Deputies from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office arrested Antolin Garcia Torres, 21, on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering Sierra.

Sierra’s body has not been recovered.


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