Council will talk keeping SV pool open – again

Protesters plead with the City Council to save the pool at South Valley Middle School.

After months of debate between City Council and the Gilroy Unified School District, Council plans to explore the possibility of taking ownership of the swimming pool at South Valley Middle School during their regular meeting on Monday.

After a group of children and teens showed up to the June 4 regular meeting, imploring Council to pay for the pool, Council decided to put the topic back on the agenda to have the conversation they hadn’t had up to that point: The question of whether the city is willing to absorb a large portion the repairs and operating costs of the pool.

To keep the pool open in 2013, the city would have to pay $199,373 for one-time repairs and operation (if GUSD contributes $82,000 for repairs). Over the course of three years, the city reports indicate that keeping the pool afloat would cost the city about $486,000.

Council plans to discuss the possibility of absorbing these costs and may vote on the issue.

“I’ll always vote to keep that pool open,” said Councilman Peter Arellano.

Also on the agenda:

City Council plans to vote on an ordinance that would make it illegal to jaywalk in all Gilroy school zones.

A school zone is defined as any area within a 500 feet radius from a public or private schools with any grades from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Funds to place signs around school zones will come from the city’s Safe Route to School federal grant obtained in 2008.

If passed, the ordinance will take effect Sept. 5.


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