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I know the Dispatch would rather deal with local issues, but we need to address the problem of guns and the growing issue of gun culture and the growing problem that the issue has caused in the country right now. It could be the war and it could be other factors. But we need to get to the heart of the problem!

More and more people are being hurt by this problem, and I know you have heard this before many times, but here goes. Number one, we need a law that really works. Look what happened here in Gilroy. A far-right supporter shot up the Garlic Festival a few years ago. Now, no more festival.

This affects anybody and everybody. We need a solution. One party wants to embrace it, the other wants to do something about it. They even wear assault weapons on their lapels. This is a real shame.

Join me and others that are fed up of murder on our streets.

There are solutions to this big problem, and yes I have heard this before, but we need to do much more. I know this argument has been heard before, but there is an epidemic of mass killings in our country.

I know you don’t care about my letter. But that is the problem: too many people don’t care. They have become used to the problem and it has gotten worse and worse because of this.

Join me and other like-minded people. Let’s stop the violence in this country!

Do you care? I know I do and I’m willing to take the blame. I want action and now before more lives are lost.

Let’s see how much you really care. No one else seems to care anymore, so are you with me or against me? We’ll see!

Daniel Garcia


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  1. You specifically mention “gun” violence. Can you provide an answer which addresses the fact that the 5 most deadly mass-murder events in the U.S. did not involve a single firearm?

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