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Fantastic! I was thrilled to read the Sept. 14 article about the Caltrain expanding weekday service to four trains from Gilroy to San Jose and other destinations in the Bay Area.

Still, there’s a strong need for more reliable bus services to access San Jose from Gilroy. Frequent delays and schedule changes cause bus commuters many inconveniences in working and studying.

One solution is to make a more frequent rapid bus route from Gilroy to San Jose in the morning like bus route 568. As a student of San Jose State University, I need to go to school on time before the class starts. Imagine the improvement of the school environment when fewer students miss their classes; and the benefit of San Jose businesses when more employees come to work on time by adding more rapid bus routes from Gilroy to San Jose in the morning. 

More convenient and reliable options for public transit will encourage people to use public transportation in the Bay Area, reduce congestion on the road, and reduce carbon emissions as a result.

So, let’s make that more frequent bus route 568 happen today! Let’s all send feedback on the VTA’s website today to make this dream a reality.

Thuy Pham

San Jose State University student

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