Letter: Honor victims by moving forward with Garlic Festival


Here is a letter that is long overdue. Do we really want to move the Garlic Festival to Gilroy Gardens? Really, and what about all the charities that are important to the city, and the room we need for a great festival of this magnitude!

Remember, the Gilroy Garlic Festival has been in the same location for over 35 years. Should we change this great event because of the shooting, or are we bigger and greater than that? Have we not come a long way, or are we still weak and afraid? I hope not. Have we learned a lot or nothing at all? Yes, we need better security, that’s for sure, or is the city too afraid to admit past mistakes?

Before my girlfriend died a few years before that, she said the festival had gotten too big and needed better security. She was right. And this was years before the shooting incident. She has been gone now for almost six years. Yes, she was right, it had gotten too big, but are we still afraid? That’s the question.

A lot of people depended on this great event. Do we keep letting them down, or do we hide our heads in shame? Do we move on or learn from our mistakes? Still, a decision has got to be made now!

Do we move forward or do we move backward? It’s a tough decision, but we still need to address the situation. We know what to do, but can we get over it? I know it’s tough, a hard call. Are we Gilroy Strong or what?

I say let’s honor the people who died that day and move forward for them. I’m a true real Gilroyan. Let’s do it for them to honor them.

Daniel Garcia


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