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January 28, 2022

Letter: Remember, it’s 2021

The Downtown Business Association had a party Aug. 28. They want to open eight new restaurants on Gourmet Alley. Good luck. Will they be part time, and what about parking?

We should have more on Monterey Street, I said. They told me they want to put chefs back to work in areas of Gilroy. They didn’t like the noise on Monterey Street, too many motorcycles. Good luck.

In your Aug. 20 issue, Andrew Russo, a Hollister resident, does not like masks. I don’t like misinformed people. Get the shot, wear the masks! Every child in America should be vaccinated. Every year the kids bring home the flu. Now they will bring home Covid!

What Gilroy needs is some cannabis dispensaries. We need the money and the drugs.

Now we all know it’s 2021, so how come we can’t have some fun? The people of Gilroy want choices. Yes, Morgan Hill and Gilroy don’t want them. They are both behind the times. Remember it’s 2021.

I guess they don’t like money anymore! They’re out of touch. So, make some noise, good trouble. Let’s get together on this, it’s good for the community whether they’re into smoking or not, who cares! We want other recreation, not just the Senior Center or sports.

Now the Senior Center is open again. That’s good and bad. First you can sit there for two hours but you can’t eat or drink there. Second, you don’t have to show proof you have been vaccinated. Maybe they are afraid of lawsuits.

But what the rest of us want, that have been vaccinated, is the total opposite! We want everyone that comes to the center vaccinated. What about our rights? Your policy stinks, so does the mayor, the city council, the planning commission, the chamber of commerce and the Downtown Business Association. No wonder our town is out of touch and out to lunch. Remember, it’s 2021.

Daniel Garcia


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