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Seniors should be treated better

As a former volunteer at Gilroy Senior Center Gift Shop, it is terribly disturbing the spin your article put on the city closing the gift shop. The seniors were not offered another room to run a shop. That building I believe was donated to Gilroy for seniors. I’m sure they would have no problem sharing. What is wrong with the building on the corner of Sixth and Church? It seems to be wasted space. The seniors were the backbone of Gilroy and should be treated better.

Han Meredith,


Thoughts on Gilroy, national issues

Sad to hear and read of the passing of Donald Prieto. He was a home boy from the hood and he was a good guy, very genuine. Don had medical problems for years. He had fun dressing up like Elvis, gave back to the Gilroy community raising money for charities. I want the family to know my respects to his friends and relatives. Gone too young, too soon!

Finally the virus may be over soon. We are turning the corner, what a year, but we still need to get a better grip on gun violence in this country. Too many guns, too much violence. Hate crimes are up against Asian-Americans and Jewish people.

Do you ever hear the GOP talk about gun violence or climate change or police reform or helping the poor? They don’t even care about the people who protect them.

So this year no Garlic Festival again, just some events to raise money for charities. So why call it the Garlic Festival? I knew this would happen and it did!

We need a big attraction downtown to bring it back to life! A parking garage too. Still waiting for the community center, will it ever happen? And Morgan Hill has everything. Is the GOP running Gilroy too?

Daniel Garcia,


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