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March 3, 2024

Children need fitness education

Childhood obesity is finally being seen for what it is

Embrace ‘Love of Literacy Week’

The following individuals and organizations deserve either

Hail voters, bond supporters

The following businesses and organizations deserve either CHEERS

Gilroyans earn ‘A’ for school votes

Gilroyans clearly know a good school bond proposal from a

Do the right thing: vote

Not to be crass, but it's time to

Howard our pick for Assembly

For an out-of-town representative, incumbent 28th District State

Measure I: good plan for the future

It's time for Gilroyans to step up to the plate and support

Four for Gilroy School Board

Think about it: Exasperation is not the dominant force in the

Measure B ill conceived and out of step with commuters

There's something disturbing about political leaders who

Springer vs Swinger: Mayor Positioned for Sex Club Showdown

In what may come to be known as Springer's Swingers Dictum, last