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Before you


to confirm the final purchase online, before you plan the
holiday shopping trip to the mall in San Jose, stop and think.
Before you “click” to confirm the final purchase online, before you plan the holiday shopping trip to the mall in San Jose, stop and think.

“Shop local” is more than just a provincial slogan. It really means something to our South Valley communities. Sales tax dollars translate directly into General Fund money for the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Those funds provide the single biggest chunk of discretionary revenue for the city – roughly a third of Gilroy’s $31-million General Fund – and 76 percent of that goes toward public safety.

Shopping locally means jobs for residents and, of course, it’s the lifeblood for many small businesses.

In these December days when the mailbox is bombarded daily by catalogs from afar, it’s tempting to dial and order or find the www.whatever address and click. We’re not so naive as to believe that shopping on the ‘Net or out of town will go away. But the holiday shopping season does offer South Valley residents an opportunity to discover their hometowns – and contribute to the financial well being of their communities. And don’t forget what a hassle returning gifts bought out of town or over the ‘Net is. Then, there are those outrageous shipping and handling charges that add up.

Locally, there are, of course, myriad outlet stores in Gilroy where one can find everything from bath bubbles to designer jeans. But there are interesting shops in our downtowns as well. Alioop, an upscale gift shop in downtown Gilroy, and Thinker Toys, a way-cool toy shop in downtown Morgan Hill, spring to mind. There are beautiful wineries that offer gifts (and tasting). Gilroy’s antique stores serve up a potpourri of unique presents, and art is everywhere in downtown Morgan Hill.

In our hometowns, you can enjoy the cheerful Christmas decorations, avoid nightmarish traffic and receive a hearty “thank you” from a local store owner. That’s a part of the season which shouldn’t be overlooked.

So, look around. There are abundant gifts waiting to be purchased right here at home. Keeping those dollars close to home benefits us all. That’s a gift you can feel very good about giving.

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