Proposed sales tax


So we need to increase taxes to ensure that our fire and police protection are adequate for our great city? No one can argue that we need good fire and police protection, but why do we need more?  We need more because our infrastructure needs expanding to take care of our growth!

The increased tax base from the growth should adequately cover infrastructure cost increases.  Where, oh, where is the money going? City council members need to sharpen their pencils and stop using the police and fire card. And don’t revert to the ever-emotional education card!

Ken May


  1. Dear Friends, All the small and very small business owners I know think that we already have to many taxes&fees, too many assessments&mandates, and too many regulations&fines. They are crucified, strangled and suffocated, and are leaving California in record numbers. Higher taxes means lower tax revenues, more bankruptcies, bigger government, more red tape punishing the taxpayers & motorists who already pay the highest gas taxes in the Nation. We already have too much on our backs, and certainly cannot afford to pay more. Instead, why not do the common sense thing, shrink the government, privatize transit, and end the fraud, waste and abuse at VTA, COG, TAMC, SCCRTC, etc.? We could have more transport for less money if we just bought all transit riders (including Caltrain & Amtrak) their own BMWs or Mercedes, or had them all take UBER & LYFT and paid their fares on those private sector transport options, or had them take taxis and shuttles, and save even more money. Our local leaders refuse to consider private sector transport options, and instead cram unwanted government transit down our throats, e.g., Bullet Train Nightmare. Where is common sense in local government? Where are taxpayer advocates in municipal government? Joe Thompson (408) 848-5506, E-Mail: [email protected]


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