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December 6, 2023

Psychic predicts big year for Trump, economy, Gilroy

A newspaper doesn’t have to always be serious, right?
We wanted to have some fun and get a prediction for the coming year from a certified psychic. Well, it says she’s one on her license plate.
We tried to get a reading on 2018 from the person who operates a psychic business on Monterey Street downtown, but when we walked in the door, we were shooed out by a woman who said she lived there.
She told us to call the number on the door, but never did follow through with the reading or show up when we scheduled an appointment.
Luckily, we ran into Psychic Susie Stevens, who lives in Santa Cruz, but works in Gilroy four days a week selling biscotti from Palo Alto. You may have seen her on the street or in restaurants peddling her wares. She’s on the waiting list to move to Mission Oaks in Hollister, “a beautiful community with a manager who is the most spiritual person.”
That said, her car license says “PSYCHIC,” so we thought she had the best credentials in town.
Unlike some who calls themselves clairvoyants but don’t deliver specifics, Susie laid it all out for politics, economics and whatever we asked.
“I do see the economy getting better,” Susie said. “President Trump actually has a lot to do with that from the standpoint of people liking and believing that he has business expertise historically and in the past for him. There is a credibility people have for him. Wall Street will respect it. His confidence, whether real or not, he articulates it so completely, the economy is following his lead. Plus, Jupiter is now in Scorpio. It will be for the next year and Scorpio is about having power and people having confidence.
“Now we’re in a very decisive and powerful time, the time of Scorpio. Things will start moving like a tidal wave for the economy. Even the year after that and after that.”
Unlike many psychics, Susie isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and nail down specifics.
“I predict Trump will be staying in office and he’s going to win again. His vice president won’t be Pence. It will be Nikki Hayley, who he will reluctantly choose.”
Susie has done radio shows and had columns in newspapers, including the Santa Cruz Sentinel and KWAV radio.
As for Gilroy:
“Half of Gilroy is really creating change and the other half fights it. It’s a tug of war, a conflict. I feel like the people who are afraid to make changes with small businesses will get caught up in having to change. I see a couple of businesses sold and what will take their place is technology.”
She likes Gilroyans.
“There is a vibration of warmth and people’s eyes are clear. They listen. They are kind and fun. iPhones don’t dictate their lives.”
However, the real boom is in Hollister, she says.
“Hollister will become THE town, but the people in Hollister will discover Gilroy on weekends, bringing more money and energy. Other cities will get to know Gilroy, not just for the Garlic Festival. It will become the ‘in’ place to go. San Juan Bautista won’t do as well.”
As for war or peace in 2018 with North Korea, she says, Trump will gain the upper hand.
Near Kim Jong Un’s birthday in Capricorn, Trump will do more cease and desisting. Even if Korea sets off a missile, the worst one, Trump will shoot it down. That will be the end of the North Korean leader’s arrogance, slash psychotic episodes. We can attribute it to Trump, even though the media hates him.”
Her other big prediction for 2018 is that romantic love will make a comeback after years of promiscuity and sex harrasment cases will go up even more but then balance out and drop.
To get a reading from Susie, who does house calls, reach her at (831) 588-9801.

Brad Kava
Brad Kavahttps://morganhilltime.wpengine.com
Brad Kava is a longtime journalist and social media enthusiast.

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  1. Here’s a prediction, the Dogpatch will still suck in 2018, the City will not hold the bad officers
    from the GPD responsible for misconduct and the City will get sued again when a cop kills some poor person who resisted arrest. There is nothing funny about Trump being President, its a disgrace to our Country

  2. When I was a kid, there was a show I loved to watch; “Get Smart.” The protagonist was a gentlemen named Maxwell Smart, and was a bumbling agent in a secret organization. I remember the show for two reasons; one was how funny the slapstick was and two it had one great catch phrase “Missed it by that much.” Well my dear, I think your prediction is as close as close gets, but you “missed it by that much”
    In one simple addition to the headline, I think we can nail down this prediction to an almost certainty. “Psychic predicts “big(HOUSE) year for Trump, economy, Gilroy”
    So……GO ECONOMY and GO GILROY, and for your MR. Trump….you may go as well.


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