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June 19, 2021

Saavedra named student of the week

Sophia Saavedra, 15, junior at Mount Madonna School
-What inspires you? My teachers inspire me on a daily basis because of their dedication to developing and supporting their students. I have been able to develop meaningful relationships with my teachers because of the small class sizes at my school.
-What is your favorite subject in school, and why? My favorite subject in school is AP calculus. I have always been interested in mathematics and so far this year I have found the class to be very challenging and fun. My calculus teacher has high expectations for his students and he keeps us engaged every day in class.
-If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?
I would provide free educational programs for everyone. It’s so shocking that still in this day and age there are children who have the potential to make positive change in the world who do not have access to education.
-If you could go anywhere, where would you go? I would like to go to a country in South America to serve in the Peace Corps after college. My uncle volunteered for the Peace Corps in Yemen and Morocco and it gave him a lot of perspective, and was a life-changing experience for him.
-Name one big challenge in your life right now: Right now the biggest challenge in my life is balancing academic work, volleyball and my social life while trying to manage stress and get enough sleep.
-What is your dream job? Although I am not quite sure what I want to do in the future, my dream job will definitely incorporate some sort of math and/or science aspect.
-What are your three favorite things? My three favorite things in no particular order are: singing, volleyball and hanging out with my friends and family.
-Favorite book: “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. The ending was heartbreaking.
-What do you want to do after high school? I want to attend college. I’m not sure what I will study, but I plan on staying motivated in my academic work and branching out by getting involved in different social clubs.
-Something that makes you smile: Distance running. I really enjoy the discipline of training for a race, and I love the satisfactory feeling of finishing a tough run.
-Top three most played songs on your iTunes or iPod: All Beyonce!
Mount Madonna School is an independent, CAIS and WASC accredited school for students Pre/K through grade 12. For more information, visit

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