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February 1, 2023

Selfish celebrants will ruin Fourth of July for everyone

JEERS: For the Gilroyans who flout the law and set off illegal fireworks. Remember – every time you set off an illegal firework you are jeopardizing the sale and use of fireworks in the city.

Gilroy is the last city in Santa Clara County to allow those sales, and it would be a shame if, once again, the stupidity of the few caused consequences for the many.

It’s absolutely astounding that the police and fire departments confiscated 7,349 illegal fireworks – and did not issue a single citation. One thing’s clear: If there are no consequences, the proliferation of illegal fireworks will continue and the call to ban legal fireworks in the city will grow louder. Is that what we want in Gilroy?

CHEERS: Gilroy Unified reports that the new Eliot School will be finished in time for fall. That’s essential because the students must vacate their temporary location at Ascension Solorsano Middle School to make way for that school’s first full contingent of sixth through eighth grades.

The bad news is that Eliot School is coming in about $1.5 million over budget. GUSD needs to hold the line on that 10 percent gap and make sure the opening is smooth. Voters who passed the $69 million bond have entrusted the district to manage the building projects carefully . If Eliot opens on time and within that 10 percent margin, GUSD can claim a success.

CHEERS: For everyone who decorated the gravesite of Jeramy Ailes, the Gilroy Marine killed in Iraq, for the Fourth of July. The remembrances honor his memory and sacrifice.

CHEERS: For all the Gilroy Little League All-Star teams battling to bring home the championship trophy for their hometown. Play hard and remember, win or lose, exhibit class and character when you’re representing Gilroy.

JEERS: For the continuing stream of escapees from the William F. James Boys Ranch juvenile detention facility in Morgan Hill. What’s really troublesome is that the Morgan Hill Police Department is still not being notified in a timely manner after an escape is discovered.

The county has to clean up its act. Supervisors at the boys ranch need to be held accountable and, if necessary, fired for incompetence. Clean up procedure, straighten out the problems or shut the facility down.

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