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St. Louise Regional Hospital officials flipped the switch on a new CT scanner on Jan. 8. Photo courtesy of Santa Clara Valley Healthcare
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A new CT scanner that went online at St. Louise Regional Hospital on Jan. 8 will help the hospital care for its rising number of patients more effectively, officials say.

Physician Executive Olivia Lee said the machine, which had already completed 120 scans as of Jan. 12, marks a “significant milestone for St. Louise.”

“It ensures a more safe and accurate diagnosis for our patients,” she said. “It’s a reflection of the continuous infrastructure enhancements made possible by Santa Clara County.”

Through a combination of X-rays and other technology, a CT scanner produces images of inside the body.

St. Louise’s previous scanner had been in use for nearly 20 years, according to Lee, adding that the new piece of equipment provides higher quality images and 3D imaging at a much quicker rate and with a lower dose of radiation. Occasional software updates allow it to continue improving its capabilities, she added.

Demolition of the old scanner began in March, Lee said, to make way for the new equipment. During that time, the Gilroy hospital used a backup CT scanner set up in a trailer on the property.

On average, St. Louise’s emergency room sees about 130 patients every 24 hours, making the CT scanner critical for physicians to quickly and accurately make their diagnosis, according to Lee.

Lee gave kudos to the staff at St. Louise for their dedication.

“We are all really proud of all the achievements that reaffirm our ongoing commitment to healthcare excellence in our South County community,” she said.

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