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Christopher High School was locked down Wednesday afternoon after a student stabbed a classmate during an altercation, according to police. 

About 11:59am May 22, Gilroy Police responded to Christopher High School, 850 Day Road, on a report of a stabbing, says a press release from the Gilroy Police Department. 

Police said the initial investigation found that two male students had been involved in a physical altercation in the school’s locker room. One of the students produced a knife and stabbed the other student. 

Christopher staff and the School Resource Officer were on campus and quickly intervened in the altercation, police said. The stabbing suspect was arrested and held until more officers arrived at the school. 

The victim received immediate medical treatment at the scene, and was taken to a local hospital, authorities said. 

The juvenile suspect was arrested on suspicion of offenses related to the stabbing incident. He was later transported to Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall, police said. 

Gilroy Police continue to investigate the incident. Anyone with information or video related to the incident can contact Det. Sgt. Kenneth Ellsworth at 408.846.0331 or [email protected]. Tips can also be made anonymously by calling 408.846.0330. 

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  1. The student that was arrested formerly attended GHS and transferred to CHS because of bullying. The video circulating of the altercation in the locker room shows the student fighting off multiple students before he pulled out a knife and stabbed the student. His actions are not justified but if GUSD doesnt take initiative with these incidents that occur frequently in both middle and high schools. I wouldnt be suprised to see one of our schools end up being the next Columbine.

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    • I knew the student for a while and he was a really good friend of mine, he was forced to move schools because he had to move houses, I never saw him get bullied he was a quiet but funny and good kid and I am upset that he had to resort to this.

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  2. The guy who was stabbed is a bully! He has it coming. He has been a troublemaker since middle school at South Valley. The issue is that his mother works for GUSD and the covers for him.

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  3. Sounds about right! Certain kids get bullied and picked on, then when the school does nothing at all to help these kids they are forced to take things into their own hands. Yet the bullies get away with so much because they know they can because they have family that works for the district or for the school. So it just gets swept under the rug. I guess it’s all about who you’re related to!

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