Tom Bundros Library honors a true public servant

HONORING MY DAD: The late Tom Bundros' son, Yani Bundros, addresses a crowd of about 100 gathered Aug. 27, 2015 for the dedication of the Tom Bundros Library at Christopher High School in Gilroy. Bundros, a U.S. Marine veteran of the Vietman War, served f

In these times of distrust of public officials, attacks on police and hate mongering, it’s reassuring to know that the dedication of individual citizens to their communities is still recognized and honored. It means that legacies of good and selfless work can live on as examples to all and all who will follow.

That’s what the Aug. 27 ceremony at Christopher High School was all about, when Gilroy Unified School District Board of Trustees President James Pace proclaimed to a gathering of 100 or so folks, “He was a thoughtful leader who diligently considered the right way to proceed then made the district move in that direction … So, I hereby dedicate the Christopher High School library to Tom Bundros in honor of his passion for our students and schools.”

Anyone who knew Tom and the really good guy that he was knew of his passion and his dedication. It was in its quiet way an awesome and wondrous thing to behold and left its mark on thousands of students and educators.

Tom, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War and a devoted husband and father, served for 12 years on the board of trustees. Innovative, tireless and a champion of excellence, he led the district on pathways to improvement still in evidence today. He died in January after a years-long battle with cancer at the age of 67.

Schools superintendent Debbie Flores noted during the ceremony that Tom never stopped striving for improvements to help students succeed, and that the community donated $7,000 to put the name Tom Bundros Library above both entrances.

Looking around the crowd, which included Tom’s widow, Tina, son Yani and daughter, Angeliki Menig, Flores said, “I am reassured that Tom’s legacy will be a lasting one.”

We agree wholeheartedly. Thank you, Tom. Semper Fidelis.



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