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Saturday, September 22, 2018
From our downtown perch on Sixth Street, we watched as an undercover California Highway Patrol officer almost got hit three times trying to cross the street. He was not what you would think of as “undercover,” because he was wearing...
The biggest complaint we hear is that the local government isn’t representing its constituents, and while we agree it’s easy to feel unheard, we suggest it’s also easy to take control of the issues that matter to you in...
Gilroyans? What should we call people who live in Gilroy? Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t complain about our use of the word Gilroyans to describe the people who live in Gilroy. Yeah, it’s not a word that most...

The influence of the crowd

There are a lot of very sweet, kind and hard-working people who live at Eagle Ridge. Of that, I have no doubt.
Fighting fire with money and charge out-of-town ride services
From the earliest reports, the proposal to build an indoor water park in Gilroy sounds as exciting as going down one of the slides.
If there’s one thing the salacious and damaging sex scandal lawsuit filed against the Gilroy police this month proves, it’s that we need more transparency in policing the police.
Since California has had strict protections for keeping government open to the people. That’s why we were shocked to see that Gilroy’s Mayor Roland Velasco was giving his state of the city speech to an audience that paid $30 apiece at a Chamber of Commerce fundraiser to hear it last week, and with him were four other city council members.
Iceland, which had one of the worst epidemics of teen drinking and drug use 20 years ago, has had a huge turnaround, largely by using things we consider common sense.

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Candidates have plans for downtown

Businesses in downtown Gilroy have begun to show their support for City Council candidates, placing lawn signs in their windows. Candidates, meanwhile,...


Holsclaw Road: From Gold Rush to the Civil War

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