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April 19, 2024

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Ranch purchase adds to Bay Area Ridge Trail plan

The Conservation Fund purchased the Richmond Ranch on Jan. 22, a 3,653-acre property in southern Santa Clara County.  The Fund is a national organization that...

State grants Open Space Authority $1.2M for Coyote Valley preservation plan

The Board of the State Coastal Conservancy recently authorized funding totaling $84 million for projects throughout California to protect and restore coastal lands, increase...

San Jose city council votes to preserve Coyote Valley

“Amazon-style” warehouses won't be in the future of Coyote Valley for now, as the city plans to preserve 314 acres of green space, marking...

Open Space Authority acquires Coyote Valley farmland

The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority announced Nov. 1 that it has purchased 60 acres of farmland in the Coyote Valley as part...

More open space preserved

The Peninsula Open Space Trust and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority on Nov. 27 announced the purchase of a 159-acre property that...

Sierra Vista OSP hike is stunning

A couple columns ago, I wrote about the Aquila Loop Trail, a short loop near the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve parking area. In that column, I promised to return to walk the longer loop that reaches deeper into the preserve.

Public workshop March 4 on Coyote Valley preserve

The Santa Clara County Open Space Authority will have a public workshop March 4 to provide information and solicit input on how to facilitate and manage use and access to the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve in south San Jose.