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May 18, 2024

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Committee takes back time capsule

Gilroy’s 150th anniversary time capsule, which was unveiled Sept. 13, has been removed, after controversy arose over its artwork. Mayor Marie Blankley announced at the...

Gilroy unveils time capsule for 150th

Gilroy’s 150th anniversary celebration never came to be as planned, despite being months in the making. It was, as organizers describe it, “the best...

Gilroy’s time capsule sealed

The Sesquicentennial Time Capsule, featuring items that represent 2020 in Gilroy, has been sealed and will stay shut until 2070. Gilroy artist Carol Peters, a...

Time capsule to be opened in 2070

Gilroy artist Carol Peters prepares to paint a time capsule in celebration of the city’s sesquicentennial. The capsule was recently built by Louis Hack,...