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With great pride we endorse these candidates for Gilroy City Council:

For the two-year seat, Carol Marques.

As a member of Gilroy Growing Smarter’s Executive Committee, Carol worked tirelessly to help pass Measure H in 2016. She will defend it by making sure any challenger will be required to gather signatures to put their project on the ballot as GGS did. As the vice chair of GGS, she has already invested a lot of time and energy investigating the issues and developing a plan for improving downtown. Carol is the only member of GGS running in this election, and as such, we encourage you to get involved in helping her win.

For the four-year seat, Tom Fischer, Dion Bracco and Tim Renggli

Tom Fischer is the Planning Commission chair and has voted against the 721-acre land grab and the bad agri-tourism development in Hecker Pass. He was neutral on Measure H in the last election but now is in full support of the Urban Growth Boundary. He said he is already seeing its benefits. He would also protect it from challenges by making sure the challenging group would have to gather signatures to put it on the ballot.

Dion Bracco is a two-term incumbent who also voted against the Hecker Pass land grab and the bad agri-tourism development. Dion did not take a position on Measure H in 2016 as he was not running for re-election. He does think that in the long run it will be good for the city, and now supports the measure and will defend it from challenges. Dion is a straight shooter.

Tim Renggli is a motivated political newcomer who favors small business development, downtown improvement and slow residential growth. He put up a Yes on H lawn sign in 2016 and will work to defend it from challenges now.

Please join us at Old City Hall on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 6:30pm to meet our candidates.They are running to uphold what you voted for.

Connie Rogers, for Gilroy Growing Smarter,

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