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In the heart of Gilroy, a culinary gem has stood the test of time, serving as a beloved gathering place for locals and visitors alike. For 35 years, Mike and Rocio’s family-owned restaurant, O.D.’s Kitchen, has been an integral part of the community, and its recent reopening after a temporary closure has sparked joy and celebration.

Mike and Rocio’s restaurant has woven itself into the fabric of Gilroy, becoming a cherished establishment with a legacy of warmth and delectable cuisine. Ruben Perez, a loyal patron and lifelong Gilroyan, attests to the unique charm, saying, “I love the mom and pop atmosphere and how they treat everyone the same as family, near and far.”

Shuttered for six months, the reopening of this cherished eatery is not just a culinary revival but a testament to the resilience of family-owned businesses. Gilroy took for granted the familiar aroma of their dishes until its temporary closure, underscoring the vital role it plays in the community. O.D.’s helps shape the beauty of Gilroy and our downtown and has been a place where the food reminds you of home.

What sets Mike and Rocio’s restaurant apart is not only the longevity of their presence but the extensive menu that caters to diverse tastes. Serving both breakfast and lunch, the restaurant has curated a selection that resonates with the palates of many. Ruben Perez highlights, “Their extensive menu has items that so many people love.”

It’s not just the food that draws people in; it’s the exceptional service that leaves a lasting impression. 

“Even when they are busy, they make sure they acknowledge you and make sure you have everything you need and taken care of,” Ruben notes. 

This dedication to customer satisfaction has created a loyal following. Many Gilroyans, who have not spent much time downtown since the remodel started, can now make their way back to a new, vibrant, ever-changing downtown and the many exciting things that are coming.

As a longtime resident of Gilroy, Ruben expresses pride in seeing the community rally around this mom and pop establishment.

“As a lifelong resident of Gilroy, it makes me proud to see that restaurant supported by our community,” he said. 

The revival of the restaurant speaks to the power of community bonds and shared appreciation for local treasures. Gilroy is our home, and we welcome everyone!

In the reopening of Mike and Rocio’s family-owned restaurant, Gilroy experiences a culinary reawakening. The return of this beloved establishment symbolizes not only the triumph of resilience but the enduring spirit of community support. As patrons savor their favorite dishes once more, the restaurant stands as a testament to the vital role mom and pop establishments play in shaping the heart and soul of a town like Gilroy.

As I experienced the amazing food, services, and atmosphere of O.D.’s and talked with Mike and Rocio, it reminded me of how much I love our town of Gilroy. I will continue to fight for the success of our local businesses and will continue to visit and buy from our local businesses. 

Together we’re better! Love Gilroy!

Fred M. Tovar, M.Ed. is a Gilroy City Councilmember.

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  1. The owners have been hogging unpaid for parking spots in front of the businesses, when another fellow business owner nicely asked the female owner about it the male owner went into that business yelling and cussing in anger. He was rude, mean and handled the situation horribly. This was all captured on video. That is not the way to handle that type of situation or act towards two women. They will definitely never have myself or my family as customers, I will tell anyone who asks about this and not to go there.

    • Please sign me up for the newsletter - No
    • Agreed – after I saw the incident on Nextdoor I also have decided not to support a business that has an owner behaving like that to other small business owners. I don’t care how long they’ve been in business in Gilroy (have enjoyed breakfast there many time…but no more), his behavior was unacceptable.

      • Please sign me up for the newsletter - Yes
  2. The Dispatch needs to do another story now on the owners horrific treatment of the business next door. He terrorized women and acted like lunatic predator. They sure won’t have my families business.

    • Please sign me up for the newsletter - Yes
  3. As a loyal customer. May the Nay sayers enjoy breakfast elsewhere. Keep your bad experiences home for breakfast. If your home breakfast is trash than you can try out Black Bear Whiners…… I mean Black Bear Diner.

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  4. Just wondering if this is damage control for the owners behavior. What exactly have the new owners done for our community? And I’m also wondering what the gofundme was about and why someone would ask for help for the reopening?

    In my opinion the food changed and isn’t the same as it was 20yrs ago when I was first introduced. The last time we went was a little before their remodeling, the food was not the same food I had once craved. We heard about the reopening and thought of giving it another go, but then sadly we saw the video. We will not be supporting a business who’s owner behaves like that on our community’s streets. We love mom and pop atmospheres too, and enjoy supporting locals but the video leaves a lasting impression. Try supporting our community other than taking up valuable parking for personal use and maybe we’ll reconsider. Sorry it’s a no for us ODs.

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