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September 23, 2023

Letter: Be mindful of party politics

After reading the article in your paper last week, concerning the Democratic Central Committee admonishing Councilmember Fred Tovar for not following the dogma set up by them, I am concerned that party politics is possibly entering into the performances of our councilmembers.  

I wish to congratulate Councilmember Fred Tovar for his efforts to use individual, independent thought in his job as our councilmember. As a reminder, Gilroy is a non-partisan city. We should be mindful of party politics, and I don’t care which one, entering into any discussion.

Fred Tovar represents the entire community, as should all councilmembers. It’s difficult being ostracized by your political party peers, but Fred was undeterred and remained a council person for all of us, regardless of the backlash to himself. 

Congratulations to the City Council members who use the individual, collaborative process in getting the work done for all constituents. By the way, Mr. Tovar and I do not know each other and had nothing to do with me writing this. Way to go Fred!

Jeanne Gage


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